Modern Mentorship in Successful Practice

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Webinar Series


When you sign up for the Modern Mentorship series, you receive a link to an archive of recordings of webinars that are completed.

AUGUST 27, 2020 -- Introduction

SEPTEMBER 24, 2020 -- The Mentor/Mentee Relationship

OCTOBER 21, 2020 -- What Makes a Good Mentorship Program?

NOVEMBER 19, 2020 -- Balancing Mentorship and Practice

DECEMBER 16, 2020 -- Should I Do an Internship?

JANUARY 27, 2021 -- Negotiating for Mentorship

FEBRUARY 24, 2021 -- What to Do When Mentorship Goes Wrong

MARCH 24, 2021 -- What Skills Should a Mentorship Program Cover?

APRIL 28, 2021 -- What Skills Does a Good Mentor Need?


Lance RoasaLance Roasa, DVM, MS, JD

Dr. Roasa is a practicing veterinarian and attorney, a practice owner and teaches the laws of veterinary medicine at 14 veterinary schools annually. He is a co-founder of



Drew OlsonDrew Olson, DVM

Dr. Olson has practiced in small and large animal clinics, has considerable experience in the veterinary compounding and multi-practice ownership.